Marguerite tomatoes, cheese139.-
Fungi tomatoes, cheese, mushrooms149.-
Prosciutto tomatoes, cheese, ham155,-
Salami tomatoes, spicy sausage, cheese155.-
Quattro Formaggi tomatoes, four kinds of cheese169.-
Hawaii tomatoes, cheese, ham, pineapple155.-
Capriciosa tomatoes, cheese, ham, mushrooms155.-
Pancetta tomatoes, cheese, bacon, onion, eggs170,-
Salsiccia tomatoes, cheese, sausage, pepper, ggarlic, onion165.-
Pikant tomatoes, cheese, spicy sausage, chili peppers160.-
Spinaci tomatoes, cheese, spinach, bacon, garlic170.-
Milano tomatoes, cheese, ham, mushrooms, oregano, olives170.-
Roma tomatoes, cheese, ham, sausage, freshotaoes, olives180,-
Pollo tomtoes, cheese, mushrooms, chicken185.-
Gorgonzola tomatoes, cheese, blue cheese, sirloin199.-
Custom made pizza up to five items of your selection239.-
All pizzas can be served with cream base. 
All pizzas containing allergens 1, 3, 7. 


Beef broth with vegetables and noodles55,-
Beef consommé with an egg55,-
Garlic soup with cheese and fried bread croutons55,-
Spicy chicken soup with tomatoes and garlic70,-


Pickled Camemert-type cheese, bread  99.-
100 g Headcheese with onion and vinegar, bread  85.-
Carpaccio sirloin slices, olive oil, lemon, olives, Parmesan cheese195.-

Main Dishes

200 g Fillet of trout on the butter with herbs245.-
200 g Fillet of trout with cherry tomatoes, onion, wine and garlic245.-
200 g Fried boar chops, pickles215.-
200 g Boar medaillons with cranberry sauce (wine, Worchester sauce, mushrooms)245.-
250 g Beef Rump steak with green bean pods with bacon and garlic345.-
200 g Beef steak with seasoned sauce345.-
200 g Beef steak with mustard sauce and greed pepper345.-
200 g Turkey steak with cream and mushrooms195.-
250 g Seasoned pork neck steak195.-
250 g Pork neck steak with mustard sauce and green pepper195.-
250 g Steak Tartare made from beef tenderloin, 8 pcs of toast280.-
200 g Chicken with spicy sauce from blue cheese and cream – spicy and salty199.-
150 g Chicken pieces with red curry “Jaipur” (cream, leek, fresh pepper)165.-
150 g Kung-Pao sliced chicken breast, almonds, chili (3, 7, 8)199.-
150 g Chili con carne from beef tenderloin garlic, beans, onion, tomatoes, peppers, oregano (spicy) (3, 7, 8)215.-
150 g Fried turkey chop pickles, lemon140.-
200 g Pork tenderloin with cream and mushrooms209.-
200 g Pork tenderloin with honey – chilli sauce209.-
200 g Chicken breast with honey – chilli sauce185.-
200 g Chicken breast with herb butter185.-
200 g Grilled Pork liver155.-

Smaller Dishes for Light Eaters

100 g Stewed turkey chop with ham and cheese, French fries135.-
100 g Fried turkey chop, boiled potatoes135.-


Tagliatelle with fresh spinach, turkey meat, cream, bacon and parmesan cheese185.-
Tagliatelle with roasted gourmet vegetables, parmesan cheese175.-

Vegetarian Dishes

100 g Fried Eidam cheese, Tartar sauce135.-
Tagliatelle with roasted gourmet vegetables, parmesan cheese175.-


Small salads

Green salad with Feta cheese – tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers99.-

Large salads

Vegetable salad with turkey meat, Feta cheese and sour cream with herbs175.-
Vegetable salad with marinated salmon, basil oil and fried onion209.-
Mixed salad of leafy vegetables with cherry tomatoes, fried chicken pieces with cornflakes and herbed sour cream175.-
Pork tenderloin on the lettuce salad with olive oil, dried tomatoes and balsamico reduction209.-

Side Dishes

French fies50.-
Potato Croquettes55.-
Potatoes, bacon and onion80.-
Boiled potatoes45.-
Roast potatoes45.-
Unpeeled roast potatoes55,-
Boiled rice45.-
Roasted gourmet vegetables80.-
Green bean pods with bacon and garlic80.-


Tartar sauce30.-
Sour cream with herbs30.-


Banana Split80.-
Desserts, cakes – daily offer70.-

Ice Cream

Banana sundae with egg liquer and whipped cream80.-
Mixed sundae with whipped cream80.-
Ice cream – daily offer – 1 scoop25.-


Roasted almonds95.-
Potatoe chips/crisps55.-
Chashew nuts55.-
Half portion extra charge30.-
Takeaways extra charge10.-

Drink menu



Dark Kozel černý 10° (draft beer)

0,3 l



0,5 l


Pale lager Kozel světlý 11° (draft beer)

0,3 l



0,5 l


Pilsner Urguell (draft beer)

0,3 l



0,5 l


Non-alcoholic Beer Birell (draft beer)

0,3 l



0,5 l


Non-alcoholic Beer Birell (can) 

0,5 l




0,1 l Moravian wine 


0,2 l Moravian wine



Branded white and red wines by wine list.
Ask the waiter for the wine list.

Sparkling wine

Bohemia Sekt (Demi, Brut)

0,75 l


Bohemia Sekt (Demi)

0,375 l



Cinzano Bianco

0,1 l


Cinzano Rosso

0,1 l



0,1 l



Courvoisier, Martell 75,-
Metaxa ***** 65,-

Whisky 0,04 l




Johnnie Walker



Jim Beam



Tullamore Dew



Jack Daniel´s



Spirits 0,04 l

Finlandia 45,-
Finlandia grapefruit 45,-
Becherovka 45,-
Fernet Stock 40,-
Tuzemák Božkov Green 35,-
Beefeater Gin 55,-
Griotte 35,-
Jägermeister 60,-
Tequila 55,-
Berentzen, Jelzin 40,-
Slivovice 45,-

Liquere 0,04 l

Malibu 45,-
Baileys 55,-

Non-alcoholic & hot drinks

Pepsi Cola, Pepsi Cola-light0,25 l49,-
Tonic, 7Up, Mirinda0,25 l49,-
Ginger Lemonade0,25 l49,-
Juices – orange, apple, black currant, multivitamin, pear, strawberry, cherry0,25 l49,-
Mineral water0,33 l39,-
Ice tea – peach, lemon, green tea0,25 l 49,-
Aloe0,5 l75,-
Draught rasperry lemonade0,3 l35,-
Draught rasperry lemonade0,5 l50,-
Jug of water with lemon1 l35,-

Energy drinks

Red bull



Hot bewerages

Turkish coffee (7g) 45,-
Viennese coffee 49,-
Algerian coffee (mixed drink) 65,-
Espresso 45,-
Latte macchiato 65,-
Cappuccino 55,-
Ice coffee with ice cream 75,-
Hot Apple 49,-
Tea (daily offer) 45,-
Mulled wine 60,-
Griotka with lemon (mixed drink) 60,-
Grog with lemon (mixed drink) 60,-

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